Auto Shop Repair Warranty in Dennison, MN

AnyWhere Care

advance auto parts professional

National Limited Warranty & 24-Hour Roadside Assistance

12 Months or 12,000 Miles.

We stand behind our work.

You’re covered with us while you’re on the road.

If you’re more than 25 miles from here and experience a mechanical issue or if you need roadside assistance, call toll free, 1-855-646-1423. You’ll be referred to a repair facility near you from among more than 35,000 facilities within North America, and we’ll cover the repair cost*. If you’re within 25 miles of here, contact us for service. We serve the Northfield, Cannon Falls, Kenyon, Nerstrand, Randolph, and Dundas areas as well as Dennsion.

In addition to 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, you’re covered for the following work we performed*:

ase certified parts specialist
  • Air Conditioning, heating and climate control systems
  • Brake system
  • Engine cooling system
  • Electrical system, including the starting and charging systems
  • Engine performance, drivability services and repair
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel system
  • Ignition system
  • Electronic engine management system and on-board computer systems,(engine, brake and suspension computers)
  • Cruise control system
  • Steering/suspension system, wheel bearings, CV joints/U-joints, half-shafts and drive shafts
  • Certain exclusions apply, please see program guide

*This limited warranty only covers issues related to repairs and services performed previously at this location within 12 months or 12,000 miles. Additional terms & conditions apply for roadside assistance, see program terms.