Auto Shop Repair Services in Dennison, MN

auto repair servicesDennison Tire & Repair Inc offers several repair services for your vehicle to get your car running smoothly and back on the road. We provide services for customers in Northfield, Cannon Falls, Kenyon, Nerstand, Randolph, and Dundas as well.


During the winter, roads are full of potholes. This can have a large impact on front end components of your vehicle. If your car is pulling to one side or the steering seems off, you may need a wheel alignment. Our trained professionals will inspect both your front and rear suspension, looking for any loose or defective components. If it is deemed necessary, state-of-the-art machines will get your tires aligned for even wear and a smooth ride.


We also repair brakes, including; installing new brake pads and brake lines, repairing brake line leaks, and replacing brake drums, rotors and calipers as necessary. Brakes are essential for safety while driving, so don’t let them go—get firm brakes that stop quickly before they get too worn out.

Engine and Transmission Replacement

While replacing your car’s engine or transmission is an extensive repair, it can save you from having to buy a new vehicle. If your vehicle’s engine is knocking while driving, or you feel as though the transmission is slipping, bring your vehicle in and let the experts take a look. We offer full transmission replacement with a used or refurbished unit.

Tune Ups

Engine tune-ups are not done as often as they have been in years past. Although tune-ups are not needed as often, they tend to be more expensive. Here at Dennison Tire and Repair Inc., we can inspect your vehicle and determine whether or not a tune-up is necessary. If so, we will recommended exactly what you need to keep your engine running smoothly and keep cost at a minimum.


Does something seems off with your vehicle, but you aren’t sure what it is? Is your check engine light on and you don’t know why? Bring your vehicle in to Dennison Tire and Repair Inc. for diagnostics testing! Our advanced technology coupled with our trained professionals will be able to diagnose and recommend repairs to get your vehicle back to proper operating performance.

Oil Changes

It’s important to change your oil and filter every 3,000 miles. That can be a tedious process at home, but a quick and easy one in our shop. Included in our oil and filter change is a 21-point visual inspection. While your vehicle is on the hoist, we will check for any safety concerns that may be present. This additional service is at no extra charge to you!


Our mechanics replace car batteries or charge them. We also clean up battery acid leaks. Replacing your battery can solve a lot of problems and it is better to do so before it dies completely so you aren’t left stranded on the road.


Is your exhaust loud as you drive? Do you notice parts hanging from your vehicle? Let Dennison Tire and Repair Inc. inspect your vehicle today! We can repair or replace exhaust components to get your vehicle back to safe and quiet operating conditions.

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